I Wear My Kids around my neck

 I was with my family in Disney World a few years ago when I accidentally bumped into a woman on the transport bus. I am not the tallest person there is and I happened to notice her necklace. She had two tiny little picture frames filled with her kids' pictures. I loved the idea of them and they were adorable. I asked the woman about her necklace and did some research; the necklace she had would run me almost $600!! As a bargain hunter I set out to find something similar that would be more reasonably priced. Through Etsy I found Kathy Lo Custom Jewelery and I was able to get exactly what I was looking for under $100!

I ordered two "Mini Square" charms. They are 1/4" squares (smaller than a dime) and they have two sides to customize on each charm. One huge plus is that they are completely waterproof, I don't take mine off! My kids love looking at them and seeing their pictures and I love knowing that I carry a little reminder of them with me at all times!

Kathy Lo Rocks Keepsakes has plenty of other customizable jewelery as well; bigger charms, charms compatible with Pandora type jewelery and even guy friendly items. They make great gifts for yourselves and others (HINT - Mothers' Day is around the corner)! Just ask my sister, she got one as a birthday gift!

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