I know, I know: I love running, cleaning, organizing (and don't forget baking), and yes I am super annoying! I would run everyday if I could. It is a great way for me to clear my head, relieve stress, and keep my sanity while raising three kids. I am a much better (more patient) mom when I exercise.

So what's a pregnant lady to do? When we were pregnant with Anna, we decided to register for a jogging stroller. We picked the B.O.B Revolution because of its great reviews and that it came highly recommended by friends (and also the salesperson, who had one herself).

Honestly, this is one of the best baby gear items that we have. It allows the freedom to exercise when you have a small child. My favorite parts about B.O.B. are: the seat almost reclines to flat; you can purchase a universal bar to use it with infant car seat (so you only need one stroller!); the swivel front wheel (a must); a huge canopy to protect little ones from the sun; a large under carrier and mesh pocket for your things; and it folds up flat.

The only negative things I can say is it is really heavy and the snack tray is at a weird angle and not functional. Please keep in mind I have one that is circa 2008. They may have fixed these issues since then.

For a runner this stroller is worth every penny. If you plan on using it for walking only, I think a less expensive model would be fine.

When Adelyn was born, I bought an Instep Double Jogger at the local consignment shop for about $40. I used it for three months and gave in; I bought a better one. This particular stroller tracked to the left. It was so hard to push while running. I took it to the local bike shop and the owner said that it was unable to be fixed because the frame was longer on one side then the other. He also said that he had seen dozens and dozens of cheaper model joggers with this same problem.

I gave in and bought a Baby Jogger Performance Double. It is pretty awesome. However, it doesn't measure up to the B.O.B. in several ways. The seat doesn't recline hardly at all; no swivel front wheel; the canopy is much smaller; and it doesn't easy fold (you have to take the front wheel completely off). Also, because they no longer make this model, I cannot buy accessories for it. So I am unable to purchase a car seat adapter so that I can take Will. This has put a little crimp in my running style, unless

I can sweet talk Sarah into coming and we put Simon and Addie in the double and Will in the B.O.B. I settled for this stroller because I needed one pretty desperately and found one for $150 on Craigslist. At the time it was the only available double in a reasonable distance/price. I wish I would have held out for a Double B.O.B Revolution, but the Baby Jogger Performance will get me through the next couple of years just fine. Especially since Adelyn will be starting preschool next year and I will be able to use the B.O.B with Will a lot more.

Buying advice B.O.B.'s are very well built you should check your local craiglist (first time parents: a little Lysol and I promise it will be ok!) or try searching the Internet for a new one that is last years (or older) moldel which could also save you some serious money!

How do you manage to exercise since having kids?

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