How Do You Store Your Kids' Memories?

What on earth do you do with the copious amount of artwork that your kids make and/or bring home from school? Maybe I don't want to admit it but a lot of it might possibly go into the garbage the special filing bin in the kitchen. I do have a hard time tossing out artwork but the amount that Maya draws we would be living in piles of rainbows and hearts. I do find some gems and stash them on a shelf in our extra bedroom or on the bookshelf in her room.

In my organizing craziness I came up with an idea to have Maya make her own box to store the artwork and mementos we save. I got bankers boxes and a brand new box of crayons and Maya set out to work! Simon was napping so the two of us sat in the sunroom while I folded laundry and she decorated her memory box and we had some good old "Mommy and Maya Time".

Since the box is made of cardboard it was bending while Maya was coloring. Turns out that it was exactly the right size to put our ikea kids chair inside to use as a coloring surface!

When Maya was finished we head upstairs and collected the items to save. We had fun looking back at the letters she dictated, drawings she made and other things we had saved. 

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