Forsythia Still Life

Do you want to know what's convenient? My mother was a preschool teacher for eighteen years and I have preschool age children. She has a whole closet of preschool projects, art supplies and theme boxes she used for her classes.

I took the kids up to visit my parents and my childhood friend Jen and her girls, Lily and Molly, came for a play date. Since it's spring and the forsythia is blooming she asked if the kids wanted to do an art project. Not only is it a super cute activity it kept the kids (mostly the older ones) happy for a while. Two year old Molly focused mainly on sticking stickers all over her paper while almost two year old Simon basically painted with a glue stick. The older girls love placing the "flowers" on the "branches" and were quite proud of their work!

You Need:
-one large or two small pieces of constructions paper taped together
-a contrasting construction paper for the vase
-brown crayon
-glue stick
-yellow streamers cut into squares
 (My Mom said that you can use tissue paper but the streamers are easier to work with.)

We set up the branch of forsythia in a vase on the table so the kids could see what they would be making. Then we did this:

There you go! Forsythia Still Life. 

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