Finish the Picture

Crayons and paper, paper and crayons! All Maya wants to do right now is color. She wants to do it before she goes to be, during breakfast, ALL THE TIME! I think it's great so I decided to mix it up a bit! 

I remember when I was little and at restaurants my Mom would make a little scribble on the place mat and tell me to make it into a picture. Since we were at home I had more supplies so we made a full on art project! (I admit, I got in on the action as well!)
Since my craft supplies are now organized (thanks to help from Mandi!) I can now easily find all of the supplies for the project. Magazines that I saved for the kids to use for collages, glue sticks that had never even been open and all the kid scissors, even ones that are Simon friendly! I had the kids find pictures to cut out and glue onto their construction paper. Simon got stuck on trying to cut and then ended up coloring with the glue! Maya, on the other hand, was into it! She carefully chose and cut out the pictures, glued them on and created her masterpiece!

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