Feeding Sarah's Sister

Let's talk about my sister for a minute. She is the busy wife of my cool bro-in-law, mom of my adorable niece and a practicing social worker. She, like many, struggles with getting meals on the table that are easy, healthy and tasty. She works all day, hasn't had a ton of culinary experience and, let's face it, she's tired!!!

This is where Holly from Wildtree comes in! Our friend, Heather, suggested that we try a freezer meal class to help Allison (and us) get some meals stocked in our freezers. We decided to go with the crockpot class because the idea is that they are completely prepared, you just throw (okay, place) them into your crockpot, set it and forget it until you are ready to eat! The classes are even held at your house so it's super convenient!

We got a very organized shopping list in advance which made it extremely easy to get the supplies. She also gives you a list of Wildtree spices to order (all certified organic!) which she brings to your workshop. Before the class you prepare your veggies and proteins into ten bags that you will add to during the class. The class is supposed to last an hour, however, we were having so much fun chatting we may have made it run over a bit...

Five of us gathered at my house this past Saturday, bags in hand, ready to prepare! Holly set up a great display of the spices we ordered and we got to work. She was super friendly and patient (I couldn't seem to remember how many tablespoons of this spice or that) and we ended up with TEN amazing smelling meals in our freezers. I cannot wait to try them! I would have sooner but we may have ordered a few too many sandwiches for Simon's birthday and we are currently drowning in those.

If you live in South Jersey/Philly area I'd check out her page. If you aren't I'm sure she could direct you to a Wildtree person in your area!

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