Fake French Braids

"Sit still!"
"Just one more minute!"
"Hold on, I need to start over..."

Doing little girls hair is often as easy as herding cats. They get impatient, you get impatient and both of you get frustrated! I spent mornings when Maya was a toddler with her in a football hold putting clips in her hair and attempting pigtails. I admit, I love doing hair and I don't love if Maya's hair is messy. I'm not saying it never gets that way but I do what I can to have it begin the day neat.

There is a term in knitting (I'm a Knitter!) called a safety line. The point is that if you make a mistake you only have to go back as far as the safety line instead of completely starting over. Why shouldn't you do it with hair???

Here is the concept put into action, my "Fake French Braid"!

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