Fabric Dyeing

I hope everyone is having an excellent weekend. The weather here is starting to turn to spring and I am so very happy! Today I decided to tackle a dyeing project that I told Sarah that I would help her with. She had some shirts in her closet that she loved but never wore them because of the color. Don't we all have a few things like this? The solution that we came up was to dye them a color that will look better on her. Sarah loves purple so it was easy to decide on a color. Fabric dye comes in pretty much any color you can think of. You can pick it up at Wal-mart, Amazon, and most grocery stores. You cannot buy it at Target for some reason unknown to me. So Sarah made a special trip to Wal-mart to pick some up. My mother has been dying things for years. Her two favorite things to dye are black shirts and dark blue jeans that have faded. Note only certain fabrics will take dye such as 100% cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie, rayon, nylon, and blends with at least 60% cotton. I learned from this project that fabrics that are a cotton blend will only tint and not take the full color.

Clothes that need new life
Dye (I used RIT liquid purple)
Container to dye in (be creative, you could use anything, a pot, bowl, your bathtub...you get the idea)
Rubber Gloves (I highly recommend this as I currently have purple hands, and yes I am fully aware of my ridiculousness!).

I am horrible about taking photos. That plus using Photoshop is the most difficult (for me) part of blogging. I am lucky to be able to squeeze in a quick project between taking Adelyn to the potty 6,000 times per day, nursing Will and keeping Anna entertained. I am trying really hard to be better about taking photos of every step. Anyway I took one before shot here it is. 

I filled my washtub with just enough hot water to cover the shirts. Next I poured in half of the dye. I figured that I could always add more if I wanted.  Then I added each shirt to the dye one at a time. Stirring constantly with my hands. The directions said 30-60 minutes but I was trying to get a run in before dinner so I did 20 minutes. The longer the darker. 

Then I followed the directions on the dye that said to rinse in hot water until the water turns clear.

 Next I washed the shirts in hot water and dried them also on hot. The heat helps to set the dye but I would be careful washing anything dyed in the future because I would expect the colors to run a bit. 

Here is an after shot of the shirt. Not bad huh?

I expected the clothes to come out all the same color or I would have taken a shot of each shirt that I dyed. I thought they were all 100% cotton but they were not. They were all off white or white. They all turned out a different color.

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