Easter Part II

In preparation for Easter, I ordered these metal buckets (10 gallon) from Etsy. Will's Easter bucket is new this year. These buckets are actually from two different sellers; several people sell this type of bucket. There are a ton of different colors, styles, etc. to choose from. (Throughout the rest of the year, we use them to store things on on bookshelves in the kids' rooms.)

 On Easter morning my kids woke up to this note. 

Anna (after seeing the movie "Hop") thinks the Easter bunny poops jelly beans, so every year I put them on all the tables and counters in the house. We all searched the house, after reading the note, for their Easter baskets. This year we decided to hide all baskets in the same place. It took the kids about fifteen minutes to find them, and we had to suggest some places to look. As you can see, one chocolate rabbit is in each basket. Don't worry. I know that Baby Will can't eat chocolate. I'll take care of it for him. 

(losing my mind) forgot to put these sponge balls that I made them into their baskets. I texted Sarah for advice and she said to sprinkle some jelly beans and then to put the sponge balls into the tub. She's so smart! The kids thought it was hilarious that the Easter bunny left them something in the bathtub. Check back for my next post in which I will give you a tutorial of how I made these.

Afterwards we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt. Since we are trying to limit the candy, we put money into the eggs (thanks, Poppy!). The kids searched and searched until they collected all of the eggs. Then we brought them inside and counted the winnings. Hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER. I know that we did!

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