Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

I am always trying to teach my kids how to take care of the Earth. I also try to model the behaviors that I want them to do. It never occurred to me to talk them about Earth Day because I feel like we celebrate Earth Day everyday in our house. Anna asked me today, "Do we celebrate Earth Day"? She is very curious about who celebrates what holidays because she goes to a religious preschool and not all of the children that go there practice that religion. Anyway, I thought this was funny, and I decided to do this belated Earth Day Craft with her and Maya and Adelyn (who just learned how to spell her own name, it's so cute!). I got the idea for this craft at Anna's school. Miss Joan ( the teacher (who always does fabulous crafts) did it with their class and I saw it hanging in the hallway. While we did the craft, we discussed different ways we can preserve the earth.

Materials Needed
White glue
White basket coffee filters
Blue and green markers

I gave each kid a coffee filter and blue and green markers and let them color it as they liked.

After they were finished I ran a little water over their coffee filters to make the colors bleed together. While they were drying, I gave each kid a piece of blue construction paper, a Q-tip, and a tea light holder with glue. I instructed them to paint dots on the outside edge of their paper. Addie put glue on both sides of her paper and then wanted to use the glue to hang paper on the wall. She is so funny! After I chased her down and took her wet glue paper, we went outside.

We used rocks to hold the paper in place. Then they sprinkled the glitter onto the glue. As you can imagine they loved this part. I went inside to get Addie more glue and I came back out and Maya was tossing handfuls of glitter into the wind. Needless to say, I may need to revisit the whole let's-not-be-wasteful-and-preserve-the-earth discussion that we all just had. When we finished we were all covered in glitter, but it was so much fun!

After they dried we glued the earth (coffee filters) to the piece of construction paper. Here is Earth and its sparkling stars.

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