Cleaning Update!!

I realized I forgot to add a cleaning update for today! I'm about halfway done with my sticky notes and still going strong! I've tackled a lot of the downstairs (still need to finish the kitchen cabinets), some of the basement and I'm going strong on the upstairs. I've found things I was missing, made bags for donation and TONS of trash! 

Most recently Mandi came over to help me organize my extra room. It had become a dumping ground for laundry that wasn't put away, mail that needed to be shredded, books and just STUFF. It was embarrassing how messy it got. I would always close the door when people came over but my inlaws were coming to stay so I knew it was time. Mandi was superwoman! She helped me bring garbage and donations downstairs, sort through hand me down clothes and organize the closet. I was even able to make myself room at the desk to work! I think I've now spent more time in there now that it's clean than ever before. Thanks Mandi!!!!


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