A Gazillion Bubbles

It was a beautiful day here, so we decided to get out Anna's new bubble maker that she received as a birthday present from one of her classmates. It was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, I never really understood what these were all about. I thought that it was a lazy way of blowing bubbles. There was nothing lazy about this bubble maker. Anna and Addie spent an hour and a half running around the driveway popping bubbles. Anna was yelling the entire time "this is awesome, this is the best present ever." Addie was so focused on popping bubbles she would chase them everywhere. Once she almost ran into the side of the neighbor's house. Luckily the wind did not take the bubbles toward the street! They really loved this activity and it was great exercise! Not to mention their work on eye-hand coordination. The Gazillion Bubble Maker is no short of amazing. It spews out tons and tons of bubbles of all shapes and sizes. They mostly clapped the bubbles with their hands to pop them.

But then Anna got out her water gun and used it like a bat. 

It came filled up with bubbles which was awesome. However they didn't last long. It said not to use other bubble brands. I did not follow this reccomendation and it seemed to work just fine. The only negative thing that I could say was that it took eight AA batteries that were not included. Luckily we actually had enough. The batteries did last at least two uses (about two and a half hours). They may possibly last longer than that, but we have only used it twice.

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