Tambourine Cake

My niece and nephews first birthdays are this week. (Not twins but a crazy coincidence!) I offered to make the cupcakes and cakes for both events. I love baking and decorating sweets and love my niece and nephew so it works out well!

My niece is a music lover. My sister had the idea of a tambourine cake with cookies sticking out the side as the cymbals. I pulled out my kids tambourine and brainstormed. Here is my creation!

To make the cymbals I used:
Nilla Wafers
mini chocolate chips (about a cup)
silver sprinkles

First I melted the chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second intervals. When the chocolate chips were smooth when mixed it was done (it was one minute and thirty seconds for me).

As the chocolate was melting I put the sprinkles into a small bowl for dipping and set the cookies aside that I would be using.

When the chocolate was ready I dipped the cookie into the chocolate, then into the sprinkles and placed it on parchment paper to fully cool.

The cake recipe I used was the Victoria Sponge by Tea and Sympathy. It's a two layer cake which made it easier to place the cymbals after it was frosted. The only change I made was to only put the jam between the cakes and omit the frosting to make sure there was enough to frost the outside of the cake!

I made a double batch of the frosting from this recipe. I used half to frost the top of the cake and I added six drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of red in the other half to get the tan color for the sides.

This is where I intended to stop. I didn't. I added some music notes and lined the edge with multicolored sprinkles! Happy birthday Niece! My nephews cupcakes will be made for the weekend, stay tuned!

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