Sidewalk Paint

I tried out this recipe for sidewalk paint that I saw on Pinterest. It looked like fun so I thought I would give it a shot. This is so super easy and just the kind of recipe I can memorize (equal parts haha!).

Mix equal parts of cornstarch and water (I used one cup of each for one muffin tin). This made just the right amount of paint for their attention spans. They spent forty five minutes painting.

Then add 3-6 drops of food coloring to get your desired colors. I used six total to make the secondary colors three drops of each color.

I actually realized when I was making this that I had much less cornstarch then originally thought. So I made up one batch with equal parts of flour and water. I added food coloring just like above. It worked pretty well but the cornstarch was definitely more chalk like when it dried but as you can see Adelyn didn't mind that hers was flour instead of cornstarch so keep that in mind if you are in a pinch.

Anna will use any chance that she can to practice her letters and writing words. Are your kids obsessed with letters too?

Anna also has an impressive ability to take something creative to a whole new level. This is what she called splitter (a made up word meaning splatter, she was close!). We were all covered in "splitters" of paint. I love when she makes up words! She says them with such conviction it cracks me up!

Just another thought, we used foam brushes but I think a really cheap paint brush from the hardware store would hold up better for repeated uses. These would probably only be able to be used one more time. Also, I had them put on old clothes because I always think food coloring is going to stain because it stains your hands but it never does.

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