Product Review: The Mint

If you have hardwood floors, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!

Seriously, you vacuum your floors like you normally would and then you pull out The Mint and let it do its magic. The Mint is a robot that has a microfiber cloth that goes around your house one room at a time. When it's done, flip it over and see all of the hair and dust that it picks up that your vacuum doesn't. It's a cross between "wow that's gross" and "wow that's amazing." It is not a replacement for your vacuum; it replaces the need to dust mop. It has two cycles: sweep and mop. Sweep is done with a dry microfiber cloth, mop is done with a wet microfiber cloth. It uses a GPS cube to find their path around the room. It goes under beds, through chairs, and anything it can fit under or through. If you like clean floors at the push of a button, then buy The Mint (Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200).


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