Painted Bookshelf

Don't you just love how painting a piece of furniture can give it a brand new life? I do and I love painting. Seriously I do. I can always envision how painting something will make something go from drab to fab.  If I like the shape but not the finish I start thinking what color to paint it.

 Recently I had a little boy and I am still trying to get his room finished. The last piece of furniture that I needed was a bookshelf. My mother in-law offered me a wooden bookshelf that was used by my father in-law when he was a child. How cool! It is a very solid wood bookshelf and I was so excited when she offered it to me. I knew that it didn't match the espresso finish of the crib and dresser so I began to plan how to make this work in the nursery. I thought about sanding and staining it to match but I was doubtful that it would match up perfectly. Next I thought of painting it. This seemed like a better choice. I (with Sarah's help) picked the aqua color that coordinates with his chevron rug.

Materials I used:
Medium grit sanding block
Paint with primer
Smooth finish roller
Paint brush

I started by sanding and it required a pretty serious sanding because the poly on the bookshelf was glossy. Then I started painting, first by cutting in the corners and edges with a brush, and then rolling the rest with a smooth surface roller.  I had to give it three coats. Here is the finished product.

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