My New Favorite Shirt!

As many Moms find, or at least I do, that many of their clothes just don't fit like they used to. Face it, we might not have enough time to work out, want to enjoy decadent late night snacks or just don't want to wear "suck-em-in" undergarments everyday! Well I finally found a great top that seems to mask the fact that I hate situps!

The Victoria's Secret Fleece Cowlneck Tunic seems to be flattering in all the right places and works great with leggings. It might also be my most comfortable outfit! I just need to convince myself that it's not necessary to own one in each color! 

Yesterday, on a trip to NYC with my family visiting from California, I wore this top (in inky fade) with some skinny black cords and some cute hightop sneakers from Target. Not only was I super comfy but I also felt good about myself. Let me be frank here, that's not always the case! My old purple sweatpants with a bathrobe isn't always the most flattering or confidence boosting...

(Update: I did order another one in black, I couldn't help myself!)


  1. You crack me up. I will need to get one of these for after delivery. Looks comfy and "forgiving". :)

  2. I fully support that decision!! I'm still searching for a spring/summer version!


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