Exercise Ideas for Preschoolers

My husband and I try to limit our children's television time as much as possible. This is so much easier to do in the summer. Don't you think? I struggle to think of ways to get my kids moving inside (and I have a background in Health and Physical Education) so I thought maybe some of you feel the same and would appreciate a little reminder of some fun ways to get your little ones moving. I hope you enjoy these games and please let us know if you have any fun games to add that you play with your little one. We would love to hear from you!

1 Simon Says
My version no one gets out but I do point out if I tricked them into doing something without saying Simon Says.
2. Freeze Dance
My kids love to dance! We play music for them all if the time. One thing we like to do is when we pause the song they have to freeze until we hit play again. You can also play this song. it pauses and plays for you.
3. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
4. Red light green light.
You can add colors to this like purple light and give it a movement. Examples hop up and down, hop on one foot, skip, gallop, or dance.
5. Modified Red Rover
When we play this we have the kids stand on opposite side of room and we say Red rover red rover let "miss c" come over. (We use first names, middle names, shirt color, eye color, hair color etc.) then they run over to us and give us a hug. Then they go back to the other side of the room. Some things are for one child and some are for both kids. They love this game.
this is a wiggles song that you just follow along with and do all of the movements.
7. Happy and You Know It
8. Wheels On The Bus

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