Edible Art

It's funny how you can set out craft items with something in mind and kids can change it around to make something totally different yet equally as fun! I got the pull apart Twizzlers and Trader Joe's fruit loop cereal and figured that Maya and Z would string the Os and make bracelets and necklaces. They pulled the Twizzlers apart (surprisingly more difficult that I remembered as the strings kept breaking) and then quickly realized that not all the Os would fit on the Twizzlers. I'm wondering if a different brand has bigger openings? Anyway, I digress.

Z stuck the Twizzler ends together and made a long string and decorated the table with it. Maya made sculptures with both ingredients. Shows how quickly kids can take one idea and run off with it, it was fun to watch!

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  1. yummy! Very cute. I used to teach third graders about equivalent fractions using Hersey's chocolate bars. Kids loved when I did that lesson.


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