Diaper Cake DIY

Baby time for a friend! This is her second little boy and one of my favorite gifts to give, if you don't know what they need, is a diapers. As you might be able to tell I like to make things fancy...why not make it into a diaper cake!

I've made diaper cakes before but I felt like I finally found a foolproof, easy way to put it together. I always struggle with how to keep it together as I'm building it. I've tried rubber bands (always too small), string (annoying to keep retying) and end up with major frustration. Well on a recent trip to target I came across these:

These bands made my diaper cake making experience a whole lot EASIER!! Below are the steps I took to make the diaper cake for a little boy expected in May.

First thing I did was to put a file band around the toilet paper roll. I then rolled the diapers and placed them between the band and the toilet paper.

I ended up with two rows to get the size cake I wanted.

I wanted the second layer smaller so I found a cupcake liner container and used that as a base. After I was done with the two rows I decided that it would be better smaller so I pulled out the container and squished it down a bit until it was the size I wanted.

The third layer was a bit trickier. I played a juggling game trying to hold the rolled diapers in one hand and placing the file band around them with the other but the process would have been much easier if I had wrapped each one in a small rubber band (like those you can use for your hair) so they would stay rolled and worked with them from there. Hindsight is 20/20!

I held the layers together with drinking straws by jamming them from one layer to the next. Next time I think I'll use wooden skewers to hold the layers together as they would probably be sturdier! After the whole thing was put together I decorated. I had samples of baby shampoo and lotion as well as goodies I found on clearance after the holidays.

There it is, my diaper cake. Can't wait to meet this little baby boy!


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