Bendaroos - Fun on the Run

I'm always looking for something easy (and non messy) to bring to restaurants, friends houses or just to have around the house. Glue is messy, crayons are "run of the mill" and stickers can be used quickly. I came across Bendaroos at a local store and we were hooked. They are pieces of colored yarn covered in wax. They stick onto themselves to create shapes, sculptures and plenty of entertainment! We love bringing these (also playdough) to restaurants because it keeps the kids happy.

This past week we stayed with my parents while my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin were in town so we could visit with them. I invited one of my oldest friends, Jen, and her two girls to come hang out with my family since all the kids are around the same age (and they have all met before!). I pulled out the Bendaroos for the kids and they loved them, they were a hit! They loved pulling them apart, making pictures, sculptures and squishing them together. It worked with all ages, one through five. Unfortunately Jen's youngest napped and missed the fun, she will have to try them next time! There will definitely be a next time. The kids loved them so much I may possibly have purchased about ten boxes of them...

Note: I suggest putting a placemat underneath or working on a craft table as some of the wax residue was left on the surface.

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