Barter System

Doesn't matter how many lists we make, how many times we double check our pantry for ingredients or tell our spouses that the chocolate chips are for a recipe, there is always something we need or have forgotten. Countless times we run to the store with a "can you please grab me some..." list for each other. Well instead of paying each other back in cash we pay each other in goods. Our conversations go something like this:

Mandi: Heading to Trader Joe's, need anything?
Sarah: Can you grab me a gallon of milk and a bag of shredded cheese?
Mandi: Sure!

Sarah: heading to Trader Joe's, need anything?
Mandi: Box of cereal, yogurt, milk and animal crackers. 
Sarah: No prob! 
Mandi: Your last order was about $5 and this is about $8. I'll grab you frozen mangoes when I go next time, that will make us even.

We never seem to have the right amount of cash to pay each other back right away so it just seemed easier to buy something for the other person the following shopping trip, it works well for us!

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