Simple Snacks

The older girls are always hungry when they have play dates over here!
       Girls: "Can we have a snack?"
       Me:    "One minute, let me finish _____."
Then thirty seconds later, "Can we have a snack?"

My solution was to let them make their own snack and keep it on a shelf that they can reach themselves! We chose trail mix as our first project. It's filled with healthy stuff (with a few sweet treats) and they can customise it to their own tastes. It took a good chunk of the afternoon and has provided the girls with twelve snacks each to eat on play dates or on their way to dance class and I can feel good that it's pretty healthy!

You need:
small containers
nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, etc
dissolvable labels
pens, markers, etc.

Here is our assortment of ingredients

I let the girls choose which ingredients they wanted and gave the bowls of each item. The only rule was to fill each container to the top so they had a substantial enough snack. They took their time filling each container with their trail mix, decorating their labels and putting it on their "snack shelf". It's been successful; they ask permission and then snack away! Less work for me and healthy snacks for them!

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